Credibility and political capital of the church stands at zero


The biggest loser of all in this election was the Catholic Church. We are now stuck with abortion-on-demand for the rest of my life. And we’ll have to pay for it besides! LotsaLuck with the assorted lawsuits; as Chief Justice John Roberts said months ago, “It is not our job to insulate the people from the consequences of their political decisions.”

Via this election, we have found out that Hispanics pay zero attention to their Catholic faith and the leadership of the church. To use Bill O’Reilly’s phrase, Hispanics want “free stuff.” To whatever extent Hispanics actually attend church (probably 50 percent, like other pollster-identified “Catholics” nationwide), they have deliberately and completely gone against what their priests and bishops have been saying. The “religious liberty” concept was totally swept aside by their superior desire to get stuff for free from the government. The net result is that the credibility and political capital of the Catholic Church now stands at zero.

It will be interesting to see if any of the TV pundits actually say anything like that in the weeks of analysis that lie ahead.


Tom Sheahen

Deer Park

Catholic Review

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