Clergy should take stand against pro-abortion candidates

I was gratified to read the front page article “Knights Take Stand” (CR, Aug. 14). The article is right on about the topic of Catholics supporting political candidates that are pro-abortion, but let’s get real. For the 30-plus years it has been the Democratic Party that worships at the altar of abortion rights.

It is beholden to the abortion lobby. You can count on one hand the number of prominent democrats who have the courage to be anti-abortion, dare I say pro-life. The powers that be shut them up or keep them from attaining any power in the party. Conversely, you can count on one hand the number of republicans who are not pro-life, yet Catholics continue to vote for democrats.

It is beyond me how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Barbara Mikulski continue calling themselves Catholics. When will even one of our Catholic clergy have the courage to inform them that they may not attend Mass or receive Holy Communion because they not only support abortion but will not vote to end the barbaric partial-birth abortion!

Catholic Review

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