Procedures for Employees


The Statement of Policy for the Protection of Children & Youth requires that all employees must complete certain specific steps before they may serve at any Covered Entity in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Covered Entities may have additional screening requirements for employees.

Adult Employees

  • Archdiocesan Application for Employment (Español)
  • Interview conducted and documented to determine eligibility and suitability by covered entity
  • Three (3) professional references provided, checked, and documented at covered entity
  • References for employment with any previous archdiocesan parish, school, or institution
  • CJIS/Fingerprint Check


In addition to the requirements above, all adult employees must also complete the Child & Youth Protection requirements on our compliance management system, Shield the Vulnerable:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • A Statement of Policy for the Protection of Children & Youth
  • Code of Conduct for Church Personnel
  • Training regarding child abuse and the protection of children (Protect Children: STAND)


Minor Employees



  • Each Covered Entity has one Responsible Administrator. This individual is accountable for the proper implementation and compliance with policy and procedure at his/her location. This should be the pastor/pastoral administrator, pastoral life director, principal, or agency director.
  • The Responsible Administrator will designate at least one staff member to serve as the Screening Coordinator. Larger entities may find it necessary to designate more than one Screening Coordinator.
  • The Responsible Administrator will designate one staff member to serve as the custodian of employee files. This person may be the Screening Coordinator.
  • The files are to be kept in a confidential, safe and secure location with controlled access, such as in a locked file cabinet. Files may be reviewed by the appropriate supervisory personnel, but may not be copied or removed from the offices where they are maintained.
  • The Responsible Administrator and the Screening Coordinator will confirm that the requirements of these procedures, including consent forms, have been completed by all employees.
  • If an applicant fails or refuses to complete any part of the screening procedures, then he/she cannot serve as an employee. The Responsible Administrator informs the individual that he/she cannot begin or continue his/her employment until he/she has complied with all procedures.
  • Each Covered Entity must obtain a CJIS authorization number.  If you are not sure whether you already have a number or what it is, call CJIS Central Repository at 410-764-4501.


The CJIS “Registration for Authorization for Record Checks” from should be completed and mailed to the address at the bottom of the form.

Within 30 days, you will receive your number and a packet containing both the orange print State of Maryland and the blue print Federal fingerprint cards and instructions.

Processing Employees

1. All applicants must complete the Archdiocese of Baltimore Application for Employment.

A staff member responsible for recruiting applicants reviews the application to confirm that it is complete and that the applicant has the qualifications required for the position.

The Archdiocesan Division of Human Resource Services provides recruitment, screening, and referral services to parishes and schools for Lay Ecclesiology Ministers. This process is as follows:

  1. The Application for Employment is completed and returned to the Division of Human Resource Services.
  2. When the applicant is seeking a position in Religious Education or Youth Ministry, a copy of the application is forwarded to the appropriate division – Religious Education or Youth and Young Adult Ministry – for review and endorsement.
  3. References are checked and maintained in Human Resource Services.
  4. Official copies of transcripts are forwarded to Human Resource Services.
  5. The applicant’s file is circulated to parishes and schools that have requested candidates only after the required documentation is completed.
  6. The parish or school notifies Human Resource Services when it hires one of the applicants.
  7. Complete applicants’ files are retained in the Division of Human Resources either as an active candidate or as an employee.


If the applicant responded “yes” to either of the following, the application must be reviewed by the Division of Human Resource Services prior to proceeding with the screening process:

Have you been charged with, accused of, or convicted of child abuse?


Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

2. A member of the Covered Entity’s staff must interview each applicant before he/she is hired.

Interviews should include questions to determine if the applicant has the skills, experience, knowledge, training, and ability to perform the essential functions of the position.

3. A minimum of three (3) professional references must be checked, before an offer is made, for each applicant being considered for employment.

References on the application must be checked and documented.


Reference checks are not required for those employees who were actively working before September 1, 2002.  Those employees must comply with all other screening procedures.

A record of the date each reference was requested and the result of each effort must be documented and kept in the applicant’s personnel file at the Covered Entity.

A written record must be maintained of each reference contacted, even if the individual contacted refused to provide reference information. The record must include the date and result of each effort to contact the reference. If a reference refuses to provide information or the reference cannot be reached, the applicant must supply a substitute reference.

Reference check documentation must be maintained in the personnel file of the applicant who is hired.

 Note: Prior to hiring or otherwise contracting with a priest, deacon, or member of a religious community, the Covered Entity must contact Clergy Personnel to confirm the individual’s eligibility to serve in the Archdiocese of Baltimore (410-547-5427). See next section for more details.

4. If an applicant has gone through the hiring process and it is determined that he/she will be offered a position, the offer is always contingent upon acceptable results of the CJIS/ Fingerprint Check.

5. All applicants for employment, 18 years of age or older, must undergo the CJIS/Fingerprint Check.

In accordance with Maryland law, CJIS/Fingerprint Checks must be obtained for employees of childcare facilities, including schools and daycare centers.

The Archdiocese of Baltimore extends the requirements for CJIS/Fingerprint Checks to all employees of Covered Entities. This includes: assigned clergy, lay and religious; support and program staff members, full-time and part-time workers, employees of Central Services, and those volunteers who function as staff of a Covered Entity.

Employment applicants who are under the age of 18 are required to obtain a CJIS/Fingerprint Checks if they are employed by a childcare facility, including a school. Otherwise, the Archdiocese of Baltimore does not require CJIS/Fingerprint checks for children.

The Director of Clergy Personnel (for Priests and Permanent Deacons), Vocations (for Seminarians) and the Director of Ministry Formation and Development (for Pastoral Life Directors) are responsible for obtaining CJIS/Fingerprint Checks during the application and screening phase of recruitment.

All employees of Central Services are required to have CJIS/Fingerprint Checks. The Human Resources Manager is responsible for securing the CJIS/Fingerprint Checks for Central Services employees.

6. Employee will complete CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Service) application for CJIS/Fingerprint Checks.

State and federal cards must be filled out. This includes obtaining fingerprints of applicant.

Fill out the Orange card with the Employee and Employer information using black ink or type. Be sure to fill out the reply cards with the Employer address.

Check: ( ) Payment Enclosed Amount and ( ) One FBI fingerprint card enclosed for FBI (the blue fingerprint card)

On the right of the card, check: ( ) State and FBI and ( ) Child Care

Individuals being fingerprinted can go to any State Police Location on the list of the fingerprinting sites. Please call before going for fingerprints due to date and time changes. Presently, the cost is $20.00.  If additional fingerprinting services are needed, please contact the Archdiocese’s of Office of Child and Youth Protection at 410-547-5348 and/or the Division of Human Resource Services at 410-547-5432.

If individuals go to the State Police Headquarters/CJIS Central Repository, they can leave both fingerprint cards with the payment of an additional $37.25. Otherwise, they will need to return both fingerprint cards to the Screening Coordinator and he/she will then need to mail the cards to CJIS Central Repository with the payment of $42.00.

Personal check, certified check, or money order is accepted. Cash will not be accepted.

If assistance is needed, call CJIS at 410-764-4501, the Division of Human Resources or the Office of Child and Youth Protection.

The Covered Entity is responsible for paying the $62.00 for the fingerprinting and check.

7. Screening Coordinator will submit completed CJIS application to:

P.O. Box 32708
Pikesville, MD 21282-2708

CJIS/Fingerprint Checks for employees are transferable to any employer within 180 days (approximately 6 months) ONLY IF the request to transfer the background check is received within 180 days of the initial state response. After 180 days, the CJIS/Fingerprint Check is not transferable to another employer.

8. Employees must complete the VolunteerSelect Criminal History Screening Consent form.

After obtaining the signed VolunteerSelect Criminal History Screening Consent form, the Screening Coordinator will submit the employee application’s information to the VolunteerSelect Criminal History Screening service.

Internet access is necessary to submit requests for on-line criminal background checks.  The computer system should be kept in a secure location, accessed by password.

The Screening Service website must be monitored for screening results.

9. Upon acceptance of an offer of employment, the following must be done prior to the applicant beginning employment:

  • Application for Employment completed
  • Interview completed
  • References checked and documented
  • CJIS/Fingerprint Check Application submitted
  • VolunteerSelect Criminal History Screening completed
  • Satisfactory results from Driving Record Check obtained before employee may drive others.

If the CJIS report of an employee returns with questionable or unfavorable results, the Responsible Administrator must contact the Director of Human Resources at 410-547-5448 immediately upon receipt of the report.

10. Within five (5) days of beginning employment, the employee receives and reviews A Statement of Policy for the Protection of Children & Youth and acknowledges his/her responsibility to protect children and youth and provide a safe environment. The employee also receives and reviews the Code of Conduct for Church Personnel in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

The employee must sign the Employee Acknowledgement of Receipt and Review for A Statement of Policy for the Protection of Children & Youth and the Code of Conduct for Church Personnel in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. A signature indicates that the employee has read the policies and agrees to comply with the documents.

A designated staff person collects the signed and dated Employee Acknowledgement of Receipt and Review and places it in the employee’s personnel file.

 11. The employee will be provided training on protecting children and youth from sexual abuse. Training includes viewing and discussing the STAND video.

Screening Coordinators will maintain lists of those who have completed the required training.

Training participants should receive a Training Verification Form.

Training records will be kept in the employee’s personnel file.

Minor employees, between the ages of 14 and 17, must receive age appropriate children and youth protection training. It is recommended that young people view and discuss the training video, Worthy of the Call.  It is available through the Office of Child & Youth Protection.

STAND and Worthy of the Call videos may be obtained from the Office of Child and Youth Protection.