Independent Review Board and Its Purpose

11.1 All allegations of Child Sexual Abuse or sexual Misconduct with Minors by Church Personnel are reviewed by the Independent Review Board. Additionally, the Archbishop may seek advice from the Independent Review Board on matters involving allegations of physical Abuse or Neglect, failure by Church Personnel to comply with the Child and Youth Protection Policies and Procedures, sexual misconduct by clergy that does not involve Minors, inappropriate non-sexual interactions between Church Personnel and Minors, or activities by non-Church Personnel or at non-Covered Entities. The Independent Review Board can review matters both retrospectively and prospectively and give advice on all aspects of responses in connection with these cases.
11.1.1 When advising the Archbishop on the assessment of an allegation of sexual Abuse of a Minor, the Board will hear a presentation of the investigation by the Archbishop’s designee and the Board may ask for any additional information that is needed.
11.1.2 The Independent Review Board will provide advice and “feedback” on the report presented by the Archbishop’s designee.
11.1.3 The Independent Review Board will make an assessment of whether or not the allegations appear to be credible. It will also make an assessment as to the accused’s fitness for Ministry. These assessments will be communicated to the Archbishop.
11.1.4 The Independent Review Board will review actions taken by the Archdiocese to ensure that the Archdiocese is in compliance with the Archdiocesan Child and Youth Protection Policies and Procedures.
11.2 The Independent Review Board shall regularly review and offer advice on the Archdiocesan Child and Youth Protection Policies and Procedures.
11.3 The Board is composed of at least five persons, a majority of whom are lay people who reflect the diversity of and are not in the employ of the Archdiocese. The members of the Board are selected by the Archbishop of Baltimore on the basis of their maturity, credibility, and ability to exercise good and independent judgment.
11.3.1 One member of the Board should be a priest who is an experienced and respected pastor of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, one member should have particular expertise in the treatment of the Sexual Abuse of Minors. At least five members shall be Catholics.
11.3.2 The members of the Board will serve staggered five (5) year terms. Members may be appointed by the Archbishop to fill terms that have not expired.