Charity not a government function

Tony Magliano (CR, March 24) suffers from hubris, because he presumes that he can determine the stains on the souls of others. His denunciation of not increasing taxes on the rich ignores easily observed facts. As a group, homeless people do not hire employees. Increasing taxes decreases tax revenue. For example, Maryland’s millionaire’s tax resulted in decreased tax revenue. The millionaires moved out of state. As for Magliano’s listing of tax cut payouts as an example of evil, you have to be paying serious taxes to have a serious payout.

His denunciation of the new Tea Party members of Congress for taking from the poor was prideful and ignorant. Our children and their posterity will be poor because we are spending money we do not have, which they will have to repay. Government is not a charity and should first pay its bills. Charity is not an inherently governmental function. Expecting government to satisfy our charitable duties is to make the state a god. Why not teach our fellow Catholics to be responsible for their own charitable works?

Catholic Review

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