Catholic proudly supports Obama

As a lifelong democrat, I am not happy that most representatives in my party are pro-choice. But then, I am not a one-issue voter.

The current administration has wreaked havoc on the working class and the poor with its policies of tax cuts for the rich and elimination of necessary social programs. We have home foreclosures and a shaky stock market, not to mention a senseless and unnecessary war in Iraq that has resulted in rebuilding that country while America’s infrastructure falls apart.

Republicans do the smart thing: holler pro-life, so that the one-issue Catholic voter can overlook what I just mentioned. As for this Catholic, I proudly display my Obama yard sign and bumper sticker, and will wear my Obama button to Holy Communion, in spite of many of my faith who say that those of us who don’t vote Republican are not worthy to receive the Body and Blood of Christ.

Catholic Review

Catholic Review

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