Catholic institutions should not honor Obama

While the church does oppose the death penalty except in the gravest of circumstances, I disagree with Patrick Weadon’s assertions in his letter (CR, April 2) regarding President Barack Obama speaking at Notre Dame. He is implying that President (then Governor) Bush’s presiding over lawful executions is the immoral equivalent of President Obama’s blatant support of abortion.

Capital punishment and abortion are very different.

In our country, executions occur only for the most heinous crimes, and are quite rare. We have an extremely thorough judicial system that ensures a lengthy appeal process for the convicted. Persons who are on death row have placed themselves there by their own free will, choosing to commit a capital offense. On the other hand, abortion has killed millions and millions of innocent babies. They never received their day in court. They were condemned for simply being an inconvenience.

President Obama is wrong on the issue of abortion. His enthusiastic mission to spread this evil in our country, and throughout the world, is an outrage. He, or anyone that hold his views on this most fundamental issue, must never be honored by any institution that calls itself Catholic.

Catholic Review

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