Archbishop's Annual Appeal
The Archbishops Annual Appeal

Campaign Priorities

Enriching Parish Life

“The Annual Appeal is a great way for all of us in the Archdiocese of Baltimore to help one another and many other needy people and organizations. Plus, we received monies back to pay off the remainder of our lower parish hall renovation and increase our evangelization and social outreach efforts.”
– Reverend Jack Lombardi,
   St. Peter, Hancock

“At St. Joseph, the Appeal parish share is essential in our efforts to minister to those who suffer and are in need in our community. It is also an important way our church helps our parish school grow and thrive. We have been blessed that when we use part of our Appeal parish share for tuition assistance, it is matched by the Archdiocese’s Mustard Seed Tuition Assistance Fund. This has become a critical tool in our work to keep a St. Joseph School Catholic education affordable and accessible to our parish community.
– Reverend Monsignor Rick Hilgartner, Jr.,
   St. Joseph, Cockeysville


Enriching Parish Life

Funded Parish Initiatives

  • Capital Projects
  • Debt Reduction
  • Endowment
  • Operating Expenses
  • Pastoral Care
  • Tuition Assistance Grants
Community Outreach

Funds raised through the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal sustain and help expand outreach efforts to some of the most underserved in our community. Programs like Beans & Bread and Sarah’s House rely on Appeal funds to support their mission.

“Sarah’s house offers emergency shelter, supportive housing, and rapid re-housing services for families experiencing homelessness. Every day, staff and volunteers serve roughly 125 people, half of whom are children. Our goal is to affect positive change in families by providing the necessary tools so that they can regain stability and lead a happy, enriched, and purposeful life. We are here to accompany them on their journey and to help them overcome obstacles in life.”
– William J. McCarthy
  Executive Director, Catholic Charities

“The Archbishop’s Annual provides critical gap funding for programs such as Beans & Bread and Front Door that alleviate hunger and homelessness for the most vulnerable.
– John Schiavone
   President and CEO,
   St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore




With the number of Archdiocesan Seminarians growing, funds from the Annual Appeal in support of their formation becomes ever more critical.

“Seminary is the toughest thing a man can do in his life. A man goes to seminary to become an expert in dying to himself – that’s the gift he makes to the Church. Because of that, it’s the single greatest place of growth I’ve ever experienced in my relationship with God, it has increased my desire to be a priest, and I can’t thank the people of God enough for this opportunity.”
– Zachary Robinson

Last year, the Appeal provided substantial support for young adult and college campus ministries, enabling the Archdiocese to extend its evangelizing reach to a new generation.

“College campus minstry offers young adults the opportunity to connect with each other on a spriritual level and to ask questions, deepens their faith through the Sacraments and scripture, and builds a community that supports them through difficult times. College Campus Ministers are the lifeline of faith for college students.”
– Sarah Jarzembowski
   Coordinator for Young Adult and
   College Campus Ministry


Funded Ministries of Evangelization

Strengthening Families

“The Annual Appeal’s support to the Apostleship of the Sea ministry greatly aids our ministry that serves thousands of interntational merchant seafarers whose ships call every day in the Port of Baltimore. Our volunteers depend greatly on your support in order to perform their outreach to seafarers and their families.”
– Reverend Monsignor John FitzGerald
   Apostleship of the Sea

“The Annual Appeal offers grants to life-affirming pregnancy help centers, supporting them as they reach out to women and families, provide sonograms, celebrate new life, and serve communities.”
– Johanna Coughlin
   Director of Respect Life Ministries

Strengthening Families

Funded Initiatives in Support of Families