Calling rangers ‘killers’ is insult

I was angered to read the letter from Patrick J. Clancy (CR, April 19) stating that naming a rosary after the United States Army Rangers is “sacrilegious.” These brave soldiers serve our country with honor. Indeed, they are an “elite corps,” the best of the best! I fail to understand how anyone can write such a letter that, simplistically, characterizes them as “killers.” It is, not only, an insult to those who keep us and the world secure, it also serves to undermine the morale of our troops in harm’s way.

Because there are those in the world that seek to destroy us and our way of life, there are times that blood must be shed in our national defense. This is the nature of war and is, indeed, tragic. However, without the efforts of our armed forces to protect us, we would lose our liberty.

We must all remember that there are only two people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for us, our Lord for our eternal salvation and our military men and women for our freedom. This even includes your freedom, Patrick, to say whatever you want without fear. Be grateful for it.

Catholic Review

Catholic Review

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