Calling all St. Agnes babies

Is your first memory the lights in the delivery room at St. Agnes Hospital? Well, OK, you probably don’t remember, but if you were born at St. Agnes Hospital, they want you back.

The hospital is planning a reunion for people of all ages who were born there; a date is tentatively scheduled for next year. “We are looking to invite at least 1,000 St. Agnes babies and are in the process of identifying those born here,” stated Sherry Welch, president of the St. Agnes Foundation, the hospital’s fund-raising arm. “St. Agnes is a community-based hospital where generations of family members have been born and treated. We want to celebrate the loyalty and community spirit of St. Agnes by bringing our babies, new and not-so-new together.”

Those interested are asked to call 410-368-3155 or download an online form at

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