Borrowers bear consequences of their actions

I have to respectfully, but strongly, disagree with Father Peter J. Daly’s “The Common Good” (CR, March 12). His perspective is that Catholic teaching mandates that for the common good, the community must support even people who do stupid, greedy things. Father Daly uses extreme examples such as firefighters refusing to rescue someone dumb enough to smoke in bed, but he is not talking about people in life and death situations. He is talking about people who have willfully and knowingly bought property they can’t afford. I disagree that, if I have a problem with having to pick up the tab for their irresponsibility, I am terribly uncharitable.

More and more, people who exercise fiscal responsibility are getting fed up with bearing the brunt of those who do not. Are we becoming a country of people who can do whatever they please and not bear the consequences of their actions?

Catholic Review

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