Benjamin Carson for president

Dr. Carson,


My name is Mathias Andrulewicz Jr. and I am a freshman Political Science student at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg.  I am writing to you out of great respect and gratitude for your inspiring life story, your efforts in strengthening the American education system, and your recent move into the political arena to act as a representative of traditional Christian values. 

Your example of humility, compassion, tenacity, and faith motivated me through several periods of difficulty throughout high school.  Still today, as a college student struggling with a late diagnosis of a learning disability, I hold steadfast to the lessons I have learned from your publications and speeches.  When my study presents itself as an insurmountable task, I often remind myself of your ability to overcome the most debilitating obstacles.  However, above all else, I am inspired by your unending desire to serve your fellow man.  Your example has shown me that compassion and humility can still be fervent among America’s elite – this gives me great hope for the future of our nation. 
My reasoning for studying politics in college stems mainly from my concern for Christian America.  As a Christian recording artist, I have been privileged to spend much of the past two years touring the United States to minister to teenagers.  During my time working in ministry, I have gained an increased awareness of the numerous moral and ethical issues arising in our country.  Furthermore, I am growing increasingly frustrated with our government’s negligence in addressing these important issues.  Central to the majority of these moral debates is the disregard for the sanctity of all human life, from conception to natural death.  This includes all humans – the unborn, the heinous criminals, the elderly, the immigrants, the poor – everyone has the right to life, and man is not justified in destroying what God has created. 
Dr. Carson, I may not be a brain surgeon, but even I can recognize the current skewedness of our government’s priorities.  When did it become acceptable to hold our financial state above the defense of human life?  When did partisanship in America begin to dictate the worth of God’s creation?  As an obvious ambassador for Christ, it is to be assumed that you recognize all persons as living temples of the Holy Spirit.  That is, the living Christ dwells in all of us.  Who then are we, to deliberately destroy His temple?  Perhaps the most quotable set of words in any American document is the Declaration of Independence’s reference to our natural rights – “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  There is a reason that the right to life is stated first – for without life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are unattainable.
As a brother in Christ, Dr. Carson, I urge you to continue to use your increasing political influence (and your platform as a respected health professional) to promote a culture based on traditional Christian values – values that were set forth by our founding fathers at the birth of our great nation.  By speaking to at-risk youth, instituting the Carson Scholars Fund, and your achievements as a medical doctor, you have already demonstrated that you recognize great potential in all of God’s children.  These great acts of kindness and self-giving speak volumes of your character and your desire to serve others before yourself.  These acts also prove that you have great hope in the American people.  Judging from this, it is obvious that in a position of authority, you would act to fulfill the will of God, and not that of your own.  Sadly, this can not be said of our current administration.  It seems to me that our government has forgotten their primary responsibility as SERVANTS to the people.  It is not the job of the people to submit to governmental authority, and it is certainly not the duty of Christian America to submit to the government’s attempt to keep God’s Holy Word locked up inside of a church.  Jesus commanded us to spread the good news, the Gospel.  That is our primary duty as Christians, especially for those with great political influence.
As a mere freshman in college, I have only recently begun to uncover the complexities of our political system.  Though he does not often speak the truth, President Barrack Obama is dead-right by insisting that “change” is what America needs.  However, what President Obama does not realize is that the change we need is impossible with someone like him in office.  Furthermore, I realize that this sort of change cannot occur easily.  It will take a very special candidate.  In order for America to maintain its positive reputation and credibility, our political leaders must posses certain qualities, namely our president.  I am convinced that these qualities must undoubtedly consist of humility, compassion, tenacity, and faith above all else.  In turn, Dr. Carson, I believe that YOU have the ability to do great things for America, which is why I am humbly requesting your participation as a running candidate in the 2016 election for President of the United States.  As a brother in Christ, I would be honored to be represented by a man such as you.
Mathias Michael Andrulewicz Jr.
March 28, 2013

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