“Be Not Afraid:” The making of the memorial tribute for Mark Pacione from the artists at Spirit and Song

Remembering Mark David Pacione
The wonderful musicians from Spirit and Song, a division of Oregon Catholic Press, put together this poignant tribute to youth ministry icon Mark Pacione who passed on to Eternal Life on December 29 at age 60. Their poignant rendition of “Be Not Afraid” has been shared many times since it launched on YouTube on February 8.  
This “Spirit & Song Artists’ Tribute” was the brainchild of ValLimar Jansen who was unable to attend Mark’s funeral and wanted to honor his memory through the gift of music. 
Watch the memorial tribute here below on the YouTube link and then come back to read the amazing story of how ValLimar Jansen pulled together this poignant tribute with artists who were in all different parts of the United States, in different time zones, and on different schedules.
It was truly a labor of love. 

“Be Not Afraid: Spirit and Song tribute for Mark Pacione.”
Published on Feb 8, 2015
Text based on Is 43:2-3; Lk 6:20 ff.
Text and music © 1975, 1978, Robert J. Dufford, SJ and OCP. All rights reserved.
Singing in order of appearance:
Video producer ValLimar Jansen accompanied by Frank Jansen
Tom Booth, Bobby Fisher and friends
Video editor: Rodolfo López 
The making of the video tribute:
Reflections from ValLimar Jansen:
“As you know, I could not be at Mark’s funeral. So I wanted to find a way to pay tribute to Mark, who did so much for the Church. He was so encouraging to my husband Frank and me, telling us to minister, as a couple, as much as we possibly can. He and (his wife) Carol

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