Anglicans joining faith for wrong reasons

The Catholic Review (Oct. 28) reported of a small Anglican Church membership in Baltimore voting to join the Catholic Church. More recently (CR, Nov. 25) we read of five Anglican bishops of the Church of England also choosing to join the Catholic Church.

Pope Benedict XVI has rightly said, “We welcome you in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.” My concern and hopefully that of other Catholics is the thinking behind these moves. Several news sources including the Catholic Review have stated, “These moves were seen as a bridge to those unhappy with Anglican Church decisions on the ordination of women and the acceptance of homosexuality.”

The Christians noted above are not choosing to join us because of our work for justice, our liturgical integrity or our spirit of community. How disappointing it is, to find negative motives urging these Anglicans or any person to join our Catholic Church. As the Holy Father and his advisors deal with this “special structure” for members of other faith traditions to join us, I pray that the pope and our church leaders strongly say, “ You are most welcome but not for these reasons.”

Catholic Review

The Catholic Review is the official publication of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.