America should share freedom

According to Thomas J. Zabetakis’ address “Illegal immigration should not be tolerated,” (CR, Feb. 15), it is evident that he is unaware of the “total picture of illegal aliens.” While it is understood well that illegal immigrants seek “to escape poverty and gain employment to support their families,” he fails to consider their social position in the possibility of forcing transformation in their own nation. By the time they come here, they have already done what they can. If not, they come here to spare their lives, and those of their friends and families. The world is being blinded by the culture of death and facts like this are ignored because of today’s self-centered society. We Americans are unaware of the dreadful conditions in their countries and should not judge outside of their shoes.

We can however opine in the situation of our own country. Unfortunately, there is violence and crime that is found to be committed by illegal aliens. And yet, this could also be said about those who are legal citizens of America as well. For the safety of our country, yes, border security is necessary. However, if we are going to so forcefully limit illegal entry into “the land of the free,” more opportunities for legal entries of blue-collar workers should be granted, otherwise we are not solving the issue. By granting visas only to the educated in those countries we are perpetuating the poverty and social flaws that they are trying to run away from.

For example: At this moment, President (Hugo) Chavez from Venezuela is using the country’s oil revenue to support socialists’ and communists’ agendas in other Latin American countries. Currently, two other nations have elected pro-communist governments and their propagandas’ political campaigns were funded by the president of Venezuela. Many of these aliens are trying to escape these inhospitable regimes.

Offering more chances for legal entry would also be a useful opportunity to assist in helping immigrants understand the culture, language, laws etc. If we want them to speak English (even though they always have the freedom to speak their own language), we should provide them with more opportunities to do so. There is no harm in being educated in their language (Spanish for example, which is actually the dominant language in all the Americas) and learning their language to help them more with ours is perfectly acceptable.

In the present situation, Hispanics are the bulk of the illegal immigrants finding their way to America. But in matters of our country being founded on Judeo-Christian principles, their immigration is a benefit to our country, not only because they are doing the jobs that no one else feels like doing (or that the people who could be doing them are being aborted), but also because they are replenishing the Christian culture of our nation. As the media and society are becoming more liberal and anti-Christian, their presence is more Christian faith to fight the anti-Christ overcoming our nation. When it comes to Christianity, they are the future of America!

While taking action by securing boundaries seems effective, Blessed Mother Teresa puts it well that “Violence should not be fought with violence.” By all means we have the rights to protect our country, but in this case with illegal immigration, more opportunities should be offered to make legal citizenship possible. The incredible prejudice and ignorance of the situations of illegal immigrants in America has sadly become racial and unfortunate in our country. Instead of viciously shunning illegal immigrants and condemning them, Americans should have the charity to reach out and show them what our country is really about. We should share our freedom with them, instead of limiting their own.

Isabel Garcia is a high school sophomore from Owings Mills.

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