All life is equal

The recent article, “Death penalty ban gains momentum” (CR, Feb. 1), states that Sen. Lisa Gladden and Del. Sandy Rosenberg, Democrats, introduced legislation which would change the death penalty to life without parole. As a pro-lifer, that is certainly something I support. Sen. Gladden said that “she is sure lawmakers don’t want innocent blood on their hands.” I hope that she and her colleagues maintain this same concern when they deal with issues of abortion, infanticide, embryonic experimentation and euthanasia. Certainly, very much innocent blood has been and continues to be spilled because of legislative approval of abortion, embryonic stem cell research, cloning, etc. in Annapolis and elsewhere.

The blood of the innocent preborn, newborn, disabled and elderly is as equally important as the person(s) on death row. Isn’t it time for our legislators to look at the innocent blood which is already on their hands? Isn’t it time to stop the killing of all these innocent people and start building a new culture of life so we can all live in a peaceful, respectful and non-violent society in which all human life and human rights are valued? Isn’t that the kind of society in which we all want to live?

Catholic Review

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