Advent Pop Quiz!

By George P. Matysek Jr.
Advent begins Nov. 30 and is the traditional period of preparation for the coming of Christ at Christmas and his Second Coming. How much do you know about Advent? (Answers are at the end)

1. Advent comes from the Latin word, “adventus,” which means what?
a)      Adventure
b)      Coming
c)       Waiting
2. Who announced to Mary that she was chosen to be Christ’s mother?
a)      Gabriel
b)      Michael
c)       Raphael
3. What do the candles on the Advent wreath symbolize?
a)      Christ, the light of the world
b)      The passage of time
c)       Warming the chill of winter
4. When Mary visited Elizabeth, who was the child who “leapt for joy” in Elizabeth’s womb?
a)      Zechariah
b)      Herod
c)       John the Baptist
5. “Emmanuel” means what?
a)      Savior
b)      God with us
c)       God and man
6. Why is the third candle of the advent wreath rose colored?
a)      Rose is the traditional color of the number three
b)      It is a color of flowers
c)       It’s a symbol of joy, reflective of the day’s antiphon
7. Advent begins what?
a)      The shopping season
b)      A new liturgical year
c)       The countdown to NFL playoffs
8. Who said, “My soul magnifies the Lord”?
a)    Blessed Virgin Mary
b)    St. Joseph
c)    St. Wenceslaus
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