Abortion is not the only issue

I wish to respectfully disagree with James Dickinson’s letter (CR, Jan. 4), in which he states that the right to life should take issue before all others – meaning the end of legal abortion.
I agree with him that Democrats should change the pro-abortion platform. In the same breath, if the Republicans think that prolife is the one and only issue in their platform, why don’t they try a little harder with this administration in their quest for “peace” to use other methods than militarism, bullets and bombs? Why has dialogue, compromise, diplomacy, economic development and international cooperation been largely ignored?

Many Republicans disagree with this administration of solving international problems with militarism, which is shown with President Bush’s low rating, 29 percent.

Surely soldiers and civilians dying are human life, too? What about this administration debt of over 8 trillion (yes, trillion) dollars, and borrowed from China, Saudi Arabia and Mexico! Where is the money to feed and care for these unwanted children, the homeless, the hungry and the sick?

Human life is precious, every aspect and dimension. It cannot be judged or classified as one more precious over the other.

Catholic Review

Catholic Review

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