200th Anniversary of the Founding of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Cathedral of Mary Our Queen, February 01, 2004

My sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, your families, your Associates and your many friends.

One of the ancient spiritual writers once wrote: “Anyone who loves God in the depths of (one’s) heart has already been loved by God.” “In fact,” he continued, “the measure of (your) love for God depends upon how deeply aware (you are) of God’s love for (you.)”.

Saint Julie Billiart was keenly aware of God’s love for her and that is why she exclaimed: “Ah, how good is our good God.” She recognized and appreciated the “grace upon grace” that her good God showered upon her. The grace of life, of faith, of love, of a calling to serve God in a very special way.

The grace to be a foundress of a religious community of women vowed to their God and committed to spread everywhere the gospel message that God is indeed good. And now the grace of the beatific blessing to see that her work for God was indeed good. And the grace to rejoice over the love, zeal, courage and commitment of her companion Sisters who for two hundred years have undauntedly extended her life, her spirit, her heart, her community, her mission. Truly she had received “grace upon grace” from her good God.

We, as part of the 21st Century Church, have the privilege to assemble today in festivity to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the founding of Julie Bi