Watch and Listen: Maryland college students march against abortion

 By Matt Palmer

WASHINGTON – The way Loyola University Maryland senior TJ Dygert sees it, defending the unborn is a social justice issue.

“We’re here today because the group we brought is optimistic about the future,” said Dygert, president of his school’s Loyola Alive respect life group. “We realize soon Roe v. Wade could be overturned and abortion could be something that is in the past for America.”

That’s why he was among the thousands of college students that went to the nation’s capital Jan. 23 for the March for Life.

Similarly, Joe Castellano came with a sense of hope. He regularly prays outside abortion clinics and reaches out to help the women contemplating ending their pregnancy.

“There’s something missing in their lives, but it’s right there with them,” Castellano said, referring the child inside her.

“She’s got everything she needs right there. We can help these women. It’s not their only choice.”
He said many pro-life facilities offer a compassionate hand to women.
Being pro-life comes with stereotypes, especially for young adults. But, the Catholic college students say people their age are willing to listen.

“It can be scary at times to talk about life on campus,” said Loyola student Claire Cummings. “But, I’ve prayed about it a lot. I know if my life were taken away, I wouldn’t be here to talk about it. I know I have a duty and an obligation and I’m so proud to have that, too.”

With the help of Facebook, Twitter and social media, marchers said they are confident the tide will turn in the country.

“Knowledge is the number one key for college students,” said fellow Mount student Therese Buchheit.

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