Verbal clashes at World Youth Day, plus a hopeful photo

MADRID- It wouldn’t be a major Catholic event without some protests and there was a big one between the Sol and Opera metro stations. People with many different agendas voiced their disapproval with the church, its leaders and teachings. But, it was the young people who stood up, without getting violent, to the protestors. They yelled “Benedicto!” “We love Papa!” and other messages in support of the Catholic Church and World Youth Day. Pope Benedict is supposed to be here tomorrow, so the opposition is out in full, loud force. I stood between the two sides and took photos. I wanted to share this one, of a youth holding a rosary. Feel free to click on it to make it bigger.

A young man counter-protests outside Sol Metro Station in Madrid. Thousands protested World Youth Day's arrival Aug. 17. (Photo by Matt Palmer, The Catholic Review))

Catholic Review

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