Today Show features Teresa as she awaits a new heart


As Teresa Bartlinski waits for a heart transplant, she is looking forward to celebrating Jesus’ birth and her sixth birthday tomorrow. What an amazing, vibrant little girl she is, and what a loving family she has.

This morning The Today Show shared Teresa’s story in a moving segment that gives a beautiful glimpse into her personality and her life with her family. I was so excited to watch it that I forgot to have my tissues ready, but maybe you’ll be better prepared.

Teresa’s story shows the power of love, the power of family, and–though the Today Show reporter didn’t mention it–the power of prayer.

Watching this piece, I found myself thinking of how a child can touch so many hearts, whether He is the Son of God who is born in a stable in Bethlehem, come to save the world, or a tiny baby girl born in China with half a heart and adopted into her forever family in Catonsville, Md. Every child deserves love, a family, and a chance at a full life.

If you have a few minutes, watch Teresa’s story–or just say a prayer for this sweet girl who is looking forward to her sixth birthday tomorrow–and hopes to see many, many more birthdays:

Merry Christmas, Teresa, and a very. very happy birthday to you. 

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