The end of Harry Potter

So starting tonight, “it all ends here.” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 arrives in theaters at midnight. When I first started this blog, I had a bunch of Harry content, including an interview with author Nancy Brown about the series and Catholicism. It’s amazing how quickly those nine months went by and that the conclusion is here. As someone who never read the books, I was left dangling at the end of Part 1, wondering who was going to survive and if Harry could find all the Horcruxes in time. One of the things about getting hooked on a finite series of stories is that they have to end at some point. And, so, Harry’s journey will end for many around 2:45 a.m. tonight. You have to respect what the producers and writer J.K. Rowling were able to accomplish during the last 14 years. Rowling made an entire generation of kids read, while the producers matched people’s expectations by gambling on 10 year olds 10 years ago. The actors grew into their roles and came to define them. Young people grew up with Harry, like they did Andy from Toy Story. The Vatican newspaper said this week that Deathly Hallows champions values. The line between good and evil was always drawn pretty well during the series. The value of sacrifice through pain is there from the start. As Harry always says, he has something worth fighting for. Harry inspired others as an infant, even when he didn’t realize it. He grew into his role and became a hero for it. He could have turned away at any moment. We, his audience, are thankful he was always been there to save the day. We’ll miss you, Harry.

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