Papal Honors

Knight or Dame of the Order of St. Gregory The Great

The most frequently bestowed on the diocesan level as a special mark of favor of the Holy See persons who diligently serve the church on the local level.

Papal Honorees: Knights

Thomas Baldwin
Charles E. Brown
Blasé Cooke
Edward K. Dunn, Jr.
Francis A. Gunther, Jr.
John Collins Harvey, M.D.
David W. Kinkopf, Esq.
Earl Linehan
George Milly
J. Emmett Queen, M.D.
Michael J. Ruck, Sr.
Truman T. Semans
Hilbert Stanley
James R. Stojak
John J. Sweeney, Jr.
Casper Taylor
Charles G. Tildon, Jr.


Knights Commander of the Holy Sepulchre with Star

Papal Honorees:

Deacon Robert L. Baker
Rev. Msgr. Jeremiah F. Kenney (Palm of Jerusalem; Diploma Benemerent;, First Counselor)
Most Rev. Denis J. Madden, D.D.
Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien
Michael J. Ruck, Sr.

Knights Commander of the Holy Sepulchre

Papal Honorees:

Charles H. Brown III
Edgar D. Haynes
Rev. Msgr. Joseph J. Luca
Melvin A. Pavik
Donald J. Slowinski, Sr.
Moody D. Wharam
Rev. Msgr. Steven P. Rohlfs, S.T.D.

Knights of the Holy Sepulchre

Papal Honorees:

Michael A. Abromitis
Thomas Baldwin
Edilberto R. Beltran
Louis C. Breschi
Samuel W. Chairs, Jr