Super Bowl Sister picks Packers, says ‘Big Ben’s clock is rung’

Providence Sister Jean Kenny, left, has predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl since 1986. She is pictured in 2008 at Lucas Oil Stadium with Providence Sisters Barbara McClelland, center, and Rita Wade. (Criterion File photo)

Here’s some news Baltimore Ravens’ fans will love.

Providence Sister Jean Kenny, a nationally known Super Bowl prognosticator, is picking the Green Bay Packers over the Pittsburgh Steelers in this Sunday’s big game.

The Chicago nun, who has made late-night talk show appearances on Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien in the past, predicts Super Bowl XLV’s final score will be 24-21.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Sister Jean is 18-7 in selecting winners since 1986. 

The Catholic schoolteacher’s foray into game picks began in 1986 when the Bears made it to the Super Bowl and Sister Jean was one of the winners in a poem-writing contest for a Chicago radio station.

“Monday Night Football heard about it and they brought a camera crew to my classroom,” Sister Jean told The Criterion, official newspaper for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, in a 2010 interview. “They taped my students reading the poem with me. That’s how it started.”

Here’s Sister Jean’s poem about this year’s pick.  Let’s hope she’s 19-7 by the end of Sunday’s game.  Go Packers!

Prolific Packers Prevail

Welcome frenzied fans to the Lone Star State,

Steel City and Titletown — two storied teams that are great.

Rodgers’ air show quickly leads the Pack out of the gate,

Big Ben’s clock is rung and he can’t stand up straight.

Mike McCarthy’s focused TEAM is ready to go,

Raji, “The Freezer,” is stocked and he won’t be slow.

These resilient Packers smile and say cheese as they beat their foe,

The Lombardi Trophy returns to the Badger State where it will glow.

The “Here We Go Steelers” chant is saved for another year,

No “Seventh Heaven” as the Terrible Towels are soaked with tears.

Greg, Clay and Charles have nothing to fear,

The Green Bay Packers prevail in Texas — this much is clear.

— Sister Jean Kenny, Saint Francis Borgia Parish, Chicago

Catholic Review

The Catholic Review is the official publication of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.