Why is the Archdiocese starting AoB Virtual At Cathedral?
Families will need access to remote learning for the 2021-22 academic year. Teachers have done an amazing job in the 20-21 school year, but in many cases they have been doing two jobs every day and we need to support their best practices. We want our teachers to be able to focus on one group in their daily instruction. In-person teachers will focus only on in-person students, and remote teachers will focus on our remote students. Students at home and in person will have a better academic experience with focused instruction

Who is eligible for AoB Virtual At Cathedral?
All students who are registered in a Catholic school for the 2021-22 school year are eligible to enroll in AoB Virtual. Due to class sizes, priority will be given to students whose medical situations necessitate virtual instruction due to COVID.

Will I be attending virtual school at my home school?
AoB Virtual will not be hosted by each school individually for the 2021-22 school year. Catholic schools will support one unified program for all remote learners, hosted by School of the Cathedral. AOB Virtual @ Cathedral will adhere toall Archdiocesan academic policies, such as instructional minutes and curricula.

What is the cost of AoB Virtual?
Families will continue to use the tuition collection system according to their home school and the contract that has been signed for the 2021-22 school year. The tuition for AoB Virtual is the same as you would have paid for your student at your home school.

When do we need to commit to our decision for AoB Virtual or in-person learning at our home school?
Families who are not attending Catholic school in-person next year will need to make the commitment to AoB Virtual by June 1, 2021.

Will our family be able to return to our home school when we are ready?
The student/family commitment to AoB Virtual is for the entire 2021-22 school year, so families will not be able to “switch back” to their home school until the 2022-23 school year.

What will the school day look like for AoB Virtual?
Classes will be synchronous according to a traditional school day schedule. There will be asynchronous experiences within the day; however, the overwhelming majority of the day will be synchronous. Students in the AoB Virtual program will have daily attendance expectations, just as in-person learners.

Will students still receive grades for courses?
AoB Virtual students will still receive progress reports and interims. Grades 3-8 will have access to PowerSchool for parent access.

Will students still take standardized tests?
AoB Virtual students will be assessed using the Scantron and ACRE testing on the same schedule as in-person learners. Seventh and eighth graders will also take the Pre-HSPT and HSPT in a remote learning environment.

How will remote families be provided the materials they need for the program?
Remote students will be provided their textbooks and necessary devices through the AoB Virtual program, and not via their home school.

Who will we communicate with for day to day questions and needs of our family and our students?
A coordinator chosen by the host school will oversee day to day operations along with the principal of School of the Cathedral. Questions about daily academic progress, assignments, and school schedule may also be within the purview of your child’s remote teacher.

How will we stay connected to our home school?
Although your day to day questions will be directed to AoB Virtual staff, you will still receive the general communications from your home school and be welcome to participate in your home school’s after school sports and activities, and evening and weekend events.

Will a space be reserved for AoB Virtual students to return to their home school in the 22-23 school year?

Will students with learning differences be allowed their accommodations?
Learning differences will be accommodated using the academic plan written by the home school and all documented needs. Supports for students with learning differences will be reviewed by the Director of AoB Virtual to determine strategies for meeting the needs of remote learners. All accommodations will be reviewed with families prior to implementation.

Will remote teachers have the same professional experience and credential as in-person teachers?
The teachers recruited for remote teaching within AoB Virtual’s academic program will have the necessary background and credential for their teaching assignment within the school.

Please direct further questions to
Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Eric Watts
([email protected])