Pumpkin finds his ‘forever home’


My Aunt Cheryl has developed an increasingly huge soft spot for animals and has been serving as a foster parent to a menagerie of creatures.

It’s no easy feat, considering many of the animals must be bottle fed and require hourly care. And with no mother cat to care for kittens, it often requires quite a bit of cleaning as well.

But my aunt (and my uncle too), seem blissfully content caring for these creatures.

In late October, my aunt brought a box with one tiny kitten to a family reunion. As the tiny tan and white kitty stumbled weakly around on his heated blanket looking for just the right spot to nestle in, I asked “Will he live?” My aunt said she didn’t know and that only time would tell.

Well after months of tediously tending to the kitty, my aunt just reported that “Pumpkin” not only survived, but was recently adopted into his “forever home.”

So a big thank you to all those who open their homes and hearts to animals in need.

Speaking of which, when I interviewed Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker in early October, he told me that his family had two pugs growing up and that at any time they usually had four cats. Justin spoke with particular pride about his cat, which was rescued from flood waters.

“Mom took him to the shelter and they said they were going to put him down, so I actually named him after my friend who passed away,” Tucker said. “Andrew is a good little tailless cat.”

With a big grin, Tucker spoke about Andrew’s agility when it comes to scaling great heights. “He’s got some pretty serious hops,” he said.

Hopefully Pumpkin will as well. Check out some pics of Pumpkin’s progress.

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