Priest struck by reaction of readers

I would like to salute the Catholic Review for encouraging letters and reviews of its publication.  Such an opportunity for exchange and discussion in our Church is refreshing.  I was particularly struck by the reaction of your readers to the article “Why not women priests?  Papal Theologian explains.”
I was very impressed with the responses of: Malanowski, Ryan, and McDonnell in your February 21, 2013 edition.  They represent our Spirit-filled laity who make up the majority of our Church.  Our laity is incredibly educated and has much to offer from their life experience and how God’s grace finds expression in their lives.
What seems to have been lost over the decades and needs to be given more primacy in our Church is the “sense of the faithful.”    The contrast between our Papal Theologian and these articulate and insightful laymen is stunning.  My thanks to our laity and those who authored these letters for their contributions.
 It is my prayer that we, as a Church, will seek to increase their participation in the work of the Magisterium by honoring a longstanding Church tradition of listening to and respecting the “sense of the faithful.”
Fr. Vincent Gluc, OFM Conv.
Immaculate Heart of Mary Friary

Catholic Review

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