Political cartoon is incongruous

I found the cartoon by H.L. Schwadron in (CR, June 12) incongruous.

If I understand the cartoon, it mocks a candidate willing to “meet tyrants” “to convince them to choose good over evil” going after the “youthful idealism vote”.

This cartoon is set opposite an article about Robert Kennedy who “tried to promote a negotiable peace” with Vietnam in the ‘60s. It also follows an article about Father Michael Pfleger who was disciplined for mocking Senator Hillary Clinton because there was “a black man stealing my show.” There is also an article about the seven deadly sins as being relevant today.

It appears that the editor and cartoonist support a white man who would go to war and stay at war until its ‘honorable’ to come home over one who wants ‘change.’

The ‘war,’ which now appears to be more due to America’s gluttony for oil or for a son’s revenge rather than a direct attack on America. The cartoon’s viewpoint seems at odds with an historical figure who wanted ‘change’ in the form of a ‘New Testament’ espousing love of God and love of neighbor as well as the idealistic notion in the form of Beatitudes, Blessed are the peacemakers …

Is the cartoon humorous? An endorsement? Racist? Consistent with Catholic values? I’m confused.

Catholic Review

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