Patrick Goodspeed Q&A

You’ll find a story on the Goodspeed brothers in this week’s version of The Catholic Review. Now, get to know them individually. Here are some question and answers I did with Patrick Goodspeed. Each of the quadruplets got the same questions, so it’s interesting to see some differences and similarities.

Matt: How did your parents keep you guys all in line? Patrick: I don’t know, They had their hands full

Matt: Is there anything you don’t know about each other? Patrick: I’m sure there is, but I dont really care, no one knows everything.

Matt: Did each of you want to join scouts or was there a holdout? Patrick: I think we all wanted to do it.

Matt: How much work goes into being a Scout and when did it become a goal to become an Eagle Scout? Patrick: A lot. It’s a lot of time and slow work and hard to compare to other things.

Matt: Did scouting strengthen your faith? How? Patrick: Scouting has different medals/awards for each faith so we stengthened our faith by working on those.

Matt: How did Scouts help you discover your personal strengths and what would you say are your strengths? Patrick: It makes you use all of your abilities and provides a place to work on them. I’d say my positive outlook and humor are my biggest.

Matt: What were your biggest challenges to becoming Eagle Scouts and how did you overcome them? Patrick: The paper work. I sat down and, with some help, was able to get it all done and correct so the project could go.

Matt: What did you pick for your Eagle Scout project and how did you go about doing it? Patrick: I did fishing line recycling bins around a local lake. The line is shipped to a company that recycles it into fish habitat. I saw one on the eastern shore and went online and looked it up.

Matt: What did it feel like to accomplish it? Patrick: Accomplished. It was nice to see everyone’s hard work finished.

Matt: What was it like to stand together at the ceremony as Eagle Scouts? Patrick: Same old same old. We are used to standing together. I was happy that they had done a good job and wonderd when the next time we would all get something.

Matt: What were some of your highlights of the World Youth Day trip and why? Patrick: Food, culture, cool sights. It’s nice to see a change from the normal sights around here.

Matt: What did you learn about the Catholic Church while you were there? Patrick: We went to the vatican and did the tour, so we got to see and learn about the history and other things about the church.

Matt: If you were to describe World Youth Day to someone, how would you? Patrick: Like a chicken in a poultry farm. Tons of people. Lots of fun.

Matt: Now that you’re all at college, what’s it like being away from one another during the day? Patrick: Normal-ish. It’s nice to have a little space.

Matt: What’s next in scouting for you? Patrick: Not sure. I;d like to pay it back someday.

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