Cardinal Edwin F. O’Brien – Thoughts on Our Church

The following columns were written by Cardinal Edwin F. O’Brien and appeared in the Catholic Review.

I will continue to join my words with the archdiocese’s demonstrated commitment that the Church’s response today to sexual abuse is law-abiding, effective and transparent.

Let us be deeply aware that today Jesus continues to speak and act in the same way. He enters our darkness. He is most present to us in our bleakest moments.

If, in the power and grace of the Holy Spirit, we join hands throughout the Archdiocese in building a culture of life, then will the beauty of human life become more compellingly evident to all, to the glory of God, the author and lover of our humanity.

On MLK Jr. Day (Jan. 16), we take time to look back to the lessons he taught us and the ongoing work of reconciliation that set in motion to heal the deepest wounds in our nation.

You have come to this discernment retreat perhaps because you have been attentive to the signs of Jesus’ love in your own life.

If we have come in search of the light, if we have come to seek the Truth, we may find it here, hidden in the Eucharist, hidden in the form of bread and wine.