Cardinal Edwin F. O’Brien – Thoughts on Our Church

The following columns were written by Cardinal Edwin F. O’Brien and appeared in the Catholic Review.

Groups representing Christians in northeast Syria are appealing for prayer, fearful that Turkey plans to make good its numerous threats to invade the region with its military forces.

The Orioles suffered a terrible loss on Saturday evening, but we figured you can only go up from there. And who wants to be a fair-weather fan? So, we headed to Camden Yards on Sunday afternoon to cheer them on.

We need to be a better nation, too, and, with arms open like Jesus on the cross, be there to offer hope and healing and hospitality to our neighbors, our family in need.

In this American age of violence, where 165 shootings happened this year alone, where politicians scream at each other across the aisle about gun laws and Second Amendment rights without even the common ground of mutual respect, religious leaders, scholars and TV personalities alike notice a more insidious problem with American culture.

Dramas of the falsely accused fighting against a broken legal system are reliably inspiring. With the sports star formula additionally worked in, “Brian Banks” (Bleecker Street) might seem to ace it.

There is nothing as intimidating as the blank page.

Parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Baltimore will offer special Masses for the Aug. 15 Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a holy day of obligation.

The fleeting image of the demure and habited nun furtively flashing the two-finger peace sign in the 1970 documentary “Woodstock” has floated softly through five decades now, a lasting if elusory symbol that touches on the historic music festival but ultimately alights someplace else.

The rosary walk at a new shrine to be built in the Gallup Diocese to honor St. Kateri Tekakwitha “will imitate” the life and example of the Native American saint, popularly known as the “Lily of the Mohawks,” said Gallup Bishop James S. Wall.

I could definitely be a better mother. I fall short in many ways. But I choose not to feel guilty about letting our children have screen time.