Obama offers strange ‘thanks’

Whether you call it sarcasm or simply facing facts, President Barack Obama is offering a strange “thanks” to Catholics for the support they provided his election. Persons who represented themselves at exit polls as “Catholic” and as having voted for him, did so at a higher rate than any other notable segment of voters.

As his “thanks,” he has quickly implemented a series of initiatives against Catholic interests, including: rescinding the ban on paying international organizations for support of abortion and other family planning initiatives; proposing to rescind a Bush administration regulation that clarified the protections afforded to health workers and institutions whose consciences direct them to not participate in abortions and sterilizations; and opening the door to expansion of government funding of research using human embryos.

Seems to me these Catholics have already paid a high price for “hope,” and the president has only been in office for a few weeks. Not to worry, he has the balance of his term to show further “thanks.”

Catholic Review

The Catholic Review is the official publication of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.