No more columns from Magliano

In response to the column by Tony Magliano (CR, Aug. 5), my parents had seven sons and three daughters. Four sons (and two son-in-laws) served during World War II. Two sons served during the Korean War, and I served during a time of peace. My brother Ted, in the Army, received two Purple Hearts, the Bronze Star and the Silver Star in Europe, then was sent to Korea to wait for our invasion of Japan. My other brothers, Hen and Fred who were in the Navy, were in the Pacific, also awaiting the invasion of Japan.

After the first bomb was dropped, Japan should have surrendered, but did not. The second bomb was not needed, it was their choice. I notice Magliano does not mention Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor; its invasion of China, Burma, Manchuria, Korea, Philippines, etc.

Magliano’s column should be removed from The Catholic Review.

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