New congress 30 percent Catholic, which is largest represented religion

The Pew Research revealed the religious representation of the recently sworn in United States congress members. Of all specific religions, Catholicism, with 156 members, makes up 29.2 percent. That’s the largest specific religious background. Protestants, as a whole, make up the largest group with 304 people, about 56.8 percent. Protestants make up 51.3 percent of the country’s population, while Catholics account for 23.9 percent.

The United States Supreme Court has an even greater representation, with six of the current nine being members of the faith.

What will that translate to over the next few years in Congress? The congress is historically made up of Christians, but politically they find little common ground. The country seems more divided than ever.  No matter what kind of well-intentioned rally Jon Steward and Stephen Colbert throw, I have the terrible feeling that’s not going to change  any time soon. I hope I’m wrong and the best in people emerges.

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