Name My Blog!

I was lucky enough to win the Maryland, Delaware, D.C. Press Association Award for Best Blog last week. It’s the second time in three years I’ve received the honor, but the first since I re-booted the blog last November. The judges said, “This is everything you want in a blog – concise writing; catchy nontraditional subject matter; teasers to inside content; links and embedded videos that make you want check back for updates. Love the reference to the Babe and the congressional religion data. All you need is a catchy name.” Let’s face it. Matt Palmer’s Blog is a wickedly lame name, right? So, let’s change that. So, here’s the challenge to you: name my blog. This blog is supposed to be youthful, funny and sometimes edgy. The name sounds about as exciting as reading tweets from a mortician. Give me a name that matches what I’m aiming for here. Post your new name for the blog in the comments section of this blog with your e-mail attached. The winner with the best suggestion will win two tickets to an Orioles game on me.

I turn 33 May 17. Deadline will be May 10 and we’ll announce the winner on my birthday. Click on the bubble and name this blog!

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