Mrs. Loreta Bradunas

(Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke School)

An Exceptional Teacher

Mrs. Loreta Bradunas is an innovative middle school teacher with 23 years of experience at Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke School in the Dundalk community.  You will find Mrs. Bradunas all around the school, active with all students regardless of their grade level. She patiently works with her students and has strong academic expectations. Mrs. Bradunas shows her students every day that she believes they can succeed.  

In addition to teaching, Mrs. Bradunas is the Middle School moderator for the Robotics Club, National Junior Honor Society, and Yearbook coordinator.  She has led several fundraiser activities to ensure Our Lady of Hope/St. Luke School is up to date with the latest robotics technology. Mrs. Bradunas works diligently to stay current with technological trends and has excelled by taking courses about Coding in order to effectively teach her students.

Mrs. Bradunas is an exceptional teacher. Her generous enthusiasm makes her popular with students, families, and colleagues.  She models true hero-like behavior to her students and has been selected by the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce as the Middle School Teacher of The Year!