Mr. Tim Miller

(The School of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen)

The Magnificent Mr. Miller

Mr. Tim Miller, from The School of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen (SCMOQ) in Baltimore, says he knew he was destined to be a teacher when he was in 6th grade because he loved learning and loved helping others learn too. Mr. Miller enjoys teaching 5th and 6th grade because of the joy they have. He says that “One moment they can be seriously debating historical issues and, the next moment, making a game out of catching leaves falling off the trees.”
Mr. Miller is beloved by his students too. “Mr. Miller is really interactive and teaches us cool things. He always greets us with a smile and kind words.” says a student, Katie Smolka. Another student of Mr. Miller’s, Connor Frank, shares “Mr. Miller is an amazing teacher. He is funny and always in a good mood.” Student, Harper Rudolph adds, Mr. Miller “helps you learn easily and makes it fun. I like Social Studies because he uses cool Apps to help us learn.” Mr. Miller’s love of learning continues to shine through to his students and inspire that same love of learning in them.