More advice for Weigel on Prayer of the Faithful

I have some problems with George Weigel’s (CR, Jan. 21) expressions of concern about the daily Prayer of the Faithful. If is he so attuned to the words that he sees the omissions and commissions, he is missing the spirit of the prayer. I don’t disagree with any of the prayers he proposes, but I don’t think they should be ritualized. Some are already covered in the Mass prayers; most get represented in the course of time; and we must remember that the Prayer of the Faithful should not be the same every day.

To get to the particulars of the examples he writes about: We are praying for the person who sees abortion as an “option,” we are praying for a person considering terrorism. If our prayers are answered, we have banned abortion and have won the war on terrorism. No government will accomplish those results.

Finally, let me add a prayer: “That George Weigel will see that the Prayer of the Faithful gives voice to the concerns of the faithful, let us pray to the Lord.”

Catholic Review

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