Mission Cooperative Plan

The Mission Cooperative Plan (MCP) is the program whereby selected Catholic organizations from around the world are invited to the Archdiocese yearly during the month of July to share with our parishioners the nature of their mission.

How to Participate

If you are a Missionary Organization:

  • Send a letter to the Mission Cooperative Plan at the Archdiocese of Baltimore, expressing interest.
  • Selected participants are notified and asked to confirm the invitation.
  • Details of the visit are coordinated with the designated parish.


If you are a Parish of the Archdiocese of Baltimore:

  • Letters are sent to each parish in January announcing the July dates of the MCP collection and visit.
  • Pastors return the form, selecting a date for the collection and visit.
  • A missionary organization is assigned to each interested parish and details of the visit are coordinated with the designated missionary.
  • Return the collection to the Missions Office of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.