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  • To establish a spiritual relationship between parishes in the Archdiocese of Baltimore and parishes in the Diocese of Gonaives, Haiti.
  • To increase the exposure of Catholics in the Archdiocese of Baltimore to the needs of developing countries, specifically to the needs of those in our partner diocese, the Diocese of Gonaives in Haiti.
  • To provide parishioners with an opportunity to reach out to the poor and to the needy and support the missionary mandate of the universal Church.


In 2001, Deacon Rodrigue Mortel, M.D. developed a long-range plan to promote church-to-church solidarity which includes a program whereby each parish in the Diocese of Gonaives will be twinned with a parish in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

To date, 20 Archdiocese of Baltimore parishes have been partnered with 18 of the 36 parishes in the Diocese of Gonaives. In addition, the Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and other ecumenical partners are helping parishes and schools in the Diocese of Gonaives.

Procedure: How to Start a Parish Partnership

  • Interested parishioners express a desire to explore a partnership to the Pastor, the Pastoral Council, and/or the Social Justice Committee.
  • The interested group contacts other parishes already participating in the program and/or the Missions Office for more information. Someone from the other parish or the Missions Office arranges to make a presentation to either the Pastoral Council or the interested committee.
  • If interested in further pursuing the partnership, two parishioners selected by the parish are invited to travel to Haiti to visit two or three parishes in the Diocese of Gonaives.
  • The travelers return and make recommendations to the parish leadership for a decision.
  • Once the US parish has chosen a Haitian parish with which to partner, the Missions Office is to be notified.
  • The relationship starts. Goals and objectives are established and a formal announcement is made to the parish about the partnership.


Members of the Haiti committees of the various partner parishes occasionally host regional meetings to share ideas and projects with other partner parishes. Partner parishes are strongly encouraged to send one or more representatives to those meetings.

The following Baltimore parishes have an active partnership with Haiti parishes through the Parish Partnership program: