Misplaced emphasis


I wonder about Catholics fixed on one aspect of Church social doctrine (i.e. care for the poor) and focused only on its applicability to government institutions as if they were the answer to the poverty problem.

Tony Magliano, a frequent contributor of “social justice” opinion to the Catholic Review, would have politicians provide sops to the poor allowing politicians to garner their vote while otherwise undermining family life.

Given the sad state of family life and the misguided thinking of many Catholics on non-negotiable moral issues (as evident in recent election results), I suggest we have more important things to do during this Year of Faith than answering Magliano’s call for political action on caring for the poor.

Our pope has urged bishops to focus on teaching the faith. Our American bishops have established faith formation, marriage and family, religious liberty and human dignity as priorities for the next five years. The laity has an obligation to form its conscience in keeping with Church teaching. The emphasis is clearly on New Evangelization.

The corporal and spiritual works of mercy begin in the home with parental care of children and not in political action committees that believe in power to achieve change instead of charity to achieve conversion. 


Jim Devereaux


Catholic Review

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