Military maintains peace

Tony Magliano’s column (CR, Oct. 14) asks some pertinent questions about the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, but ignores or overlooks several important considerations.

The situation there is unstable and difficult if not impossible to manage, given the competing rivalries between the Afghan people. We should keep in mind that the U.S. military is there with the cooperation of the Afghan government, which could order us to leave.

Why are we there? What happens if the U.S. withdraws before the region is stabilized? What more can and should we do to help the people there? Does the Afghan government want the U.S. to immediately withdraw?

I understand that Magliano is a devout pacifist. That is admirable, but we cannot ignore the evil chaos that takes hold whenever there is no military force willing and capable of preserving the peace.

As Christians we should do everything reasonable to nurture a culture of peace; however, turning our backs on the vulnerable (i.e. the people of Afghanistan) would not be peace for anyone. I hope Magliano will accept that our brave men and women in uniform truly are an essential requirement for peace in our world.

Catholic Review

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