QuickBooks Online

The Archdiocese has selected QuickBooks Online as the standard accounting system for parishes and schools. The decision to move in this direction was unanimously approved by the Cardinal and the Board of Financial Administration on February 15, 2006. This group gave the management of the Archdiocese the direction to implement the standardized system at all parishes and schools by July 1, 2007.

The decision was the culmination of approximately three years of research for an acceptable standardized system. During this time several focus groups and round table discussions were held at various locations within the Archdiocese. The Board of Financial Administration, the Technical Advisory Committee and the management of the Archdiocese strongly believe that QB Online fulfills the wants and needs of the parishes and schools.

Two key reasons behind the decision are that it should not create any additional cost, and many of our existing administrators are familiar with the desktop version. The Archdiocese will pay for the basic system, only premium selections such as payroll and credit card processing will be charged to parishes and schools. Across the Archdiocese, versions of QuickBooks are already utilized by over 60% of all parishes and schools. Therefore, the decision should not add any additional cost to parish budgets and most will be familiar with it reducing the stress created by any type of system change.