Magliano’s morality on climate change off base

My reaction after reading Tony Magliano’s article on the environment (CR, Jan. 21) was regret for sending money to Catholic Relief Services for Haiti relief. If CRS uses their funds lobbying for theft based on climate change, they are harming the poor.

Simple test: who is really hurt by $4 gas? Since cash is interchangeable, sending a donation frees cash to support legislation to penalize carbon energy. Cap and trade will transfer wealth to clever speculators and not help the poor. As for the rest of the article, just because the pope said “climate change” does not make the term true. What evil is being measured?

Magliano does not mention the role of the sun and solar cycles on climate. While the Holy Spirit protects the Holy Father from getting the morality wrong (it will always be a sin to deliberately trash the environment); the pope is not protected from scientific deceptions. Is the best use of the world’s wealth a quixotic quest to go back to a European ice age? Golden ages were during warm spells. The Vikings buried in Greenland’s permafrost were buried during a warm period before the ground became permafrost.

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