Keep politics out of The Review

I must respond to Ruth Von Bramer’s disagreement (CR, Nov. 3) with my letter to concerning my dislike of United States bashing. I wonder if Von Bramer understood my letter, because nowhere did I state that criticism of the U.S. military complex is anti-American and I did not take any stand on the present wars that we are in. In fact, I agree that we should pull out our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan; we have been there long enough. My letter was commenting on the overall tone of Tony Magliano’s articles, that bash the U.S. no matter what we do, whether we stand by and do nothing or take action.

This letter and Von Bramer’s reply are examples of the main point I was making in my original letter. The Catholic Review is a religious newspaper and as soon as political articles are written in it – on the left or right – I think the newspaper, the readers and God’s message gets lost. I do not subscribe to any newspaper because most articles today have a slant left or right and it is hard to get a true factual report. Is the CR going to go down this road too? Let’s leave this kind of writing to secular newspapers and focus on articles about what is going on in our religion, our archdiocese and God’s love for all of us.

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