Incongruent positions

Kudos to Erik Zygmont for “Panel: gun regulation nuanced, necessary” (CR, Oct. 1). I have been reading the Catholic Review for years now and I have been waiting for such an article for a very long time.

As an observant Roman Catholic, a mother and an elementary school teacher, I find appalling how easily people that in theory are pro-life dismiss the huge problem of gun violence in the United States. I am sick and tired of seeing pro-life politicians (often Catholics) paying homage to the National Rifle Association and and showing up at their conventions, declaring that all their children are life-members, even the 5-year-olds.

If you want my vote, work to change the gun situation in the U.S. and show me that you can stand up to the NRA and the gun lobby. Otherwise do not dare to tell me you are pro-life. Nobody is really pro-life and in favor of open-carry, concealed-carry, campus-carry, not to mention assault rifles.

Roberta Wentworth

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