Hey, Ravens! We’re hoping for a win.


Everyone in Baltimore watched the Ravens game last Saturday.

Everyone, that is, except us.

See, we did turn on the game.

But after a while—and by “a while,” I mean about 20 minutes—our sons got antsy.

“This is boring,” Leo said. “Can we watch DC Super Friends instead?”

“This is the Ravens! You love the Ravens,” I said—and they do, though they love the logo and the Ravens marketing concept much more than watching the actual games. “And it’s a big game. We have to find out who will win. The Ravens might not win, you know.”

I know I don’t sound like much of a fan. But I forgot to mention that losing was an option during the last Orioles game we watched, and—as you may recall—the Orioles lost. And Leo was astounded.

The guys you’re rooting for never lose in DC Super Friends. And everyone in this household wants to win—all the time.

But Leo acknowledged that someone was going to win and someone was going to lose.

“Mama,” Leo said. “That other team is going to be sad when they lose.”

As it turned out, he was right, and the Ravens were victorious.

So this week, as we look ahead to Friday when the boys will dress in their Ravens attire and I’ll hope to find another head of purple cauliflower to serve for our Purple Friday dinner, I thought I’d ask our boys for their predictions for Sunday’s game.

Their guesses are as good as mine—and maybe a lot better.

So I sat down with Daniel, who is 3.

Q. Who will win?

A. The Rabens!

Q. What do the Ravens need to do to win?

A. Tackle. And run.

Q. How many points will the Ravens score?

A. I not know.

Then I spoke with Leo, who is 5.

Q. Who will win?

A. The Ravens…I hope!

Q. What do the Ravens need to do to win?

A. They need to knock out the…what’s the name of the team they are playing? (The Patriots.) They need to knock out the Patriots.

Q. How many points will the Ravens score?

A. Five million one hundred and three.

So those are the predictions from “Team Buettner,” as Daniel called us this evening. What are your predictions for Sunday’s game? Or will you be watching DC Super Friends instead?


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