Got a question about adoption?

Let’s imagine you’re standing behind me in the grocery store line.

As you watch me with my two handsome sons—who are obviously not mine by birth—you realize you have a question.

Maybe you wonder how we decided on China—or how we adopted boys.

Maybe you want to know how long families wait to adopt their children.

Maybe you’re wondering why someone would travel to China to adopt a child when there must be so many children waiting for families here in the United States.

But you’re respectful of the fact that my children are with me—and that they can hear everything you say—and may not want to be singled out for being different.

You can probably also see that they’re hungry and tired and impatient. And, chances are, so is their mother.

But you are curious about adoption. You have a question you’d love to ask—if it were the right time.

Well, here it is! This, dear readers, is the right time.

I can’t promise that I have an answer, or that I’ll be able to give you the complete answer. But I’d love to try. And I invite you to ask.

So, since it’s National Adoption Month and adoption is one of my very favorite topics—especially when I’m not standing in the grocery store line with my children—feel free to send your question my way.

Leave it below, post it to Facebook or Twitter, or write to me at

I’ll give you my best answer. I am by no means an adoption expert, but I hope to be able to point you toward a resource with the answer or speak from personal experience. And I can absolutely guarantee I will give you a better answer than you’ll get while we’re standing in line at the grocery store.

So ask away!

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