Get on with being Catholic

I am both a Pre-Vatican II Catholic and a Post-Vatican II Catholic. I have long wondered what all the fuss is about when it comes to whether the mass should be celebrated as it once was or now is. As best as I can determine, none of the changes changed anything of substance – so what is the issue?

While I have never had any difficulty embracing the new rite, forbidding the use of the old rite has always struck me as an unnecessary mandate that would accomplish nothing but what it accomplished – needless division and ill will. It hardly seemed to be in tune with the ecumenical spirit of Vatican II. Why forbid something that has been in place for years? It made no sense to me.

It is yet painful to read about the agonizing over what to do about those that want to celebrate Mass in the once-approved rite. The answer is simple. Approve the rite and let us get on with being Catholic.

Catholic Review

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