‘Fortnight’ did not go far enough


The Catholic Church’s “Fortnight for Freedom” did not go far enough because more than religious freedom is under assault. Freedom exists when citizens are free to make moral and economic decisions based on their own values and properly informed consciences. Coerced actions are neither moral nor economically wise. Moral actions result from individual decisions. The Catholic Catechism’s treatment of justice in the economic realm is complex because life is complex. However, the church denounces socialism, an ignorant, stupid false god that claims to be omniscient.

Our nation is now overtly persecuting Christians by making everyone fund abortions through their insurance premiums. The claim that there is a “war on women” is deceptive.

The real war is on practicing Catholics who oppose abortion. Abortion supporters use the word, contraception, rather than the word, abortion, implying that Catholicism is unreasonable in opposing the taxation which supports the Affordable Health Care Act. But consider, if contraception is the goal, why not propose abstinence, which has no method failures?


John and Dione Meinhardt


Catholic Review

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